footballandBRACKET-ology – February 6

Since you can go pretty much anywhere on the internet and find a different version of Bracketology (there’s even a matrix with 60+ brackets), I decided it was my responsibility as a college hoops blogger to initiate one of my own. Below you’ll find a link to a pdf file that has my bracket within and also the breakdown of where each team is slotted. For those unable to view such a link, I’ve also included screengrabs that can be enlarged by clicking on them.

A Few Notes

  • I’ve added a new feature.  Teams highlighted in green have moved up at least one seed line since my last update.  Teams in red have moved down.
  • As discussed earlier in the week, I’m still using the Bracketing Principles and Procedures
  • Because of the rules below, you may scratch your head on some seeds.  For example, UCLA is a 10 when they probably should be in the 8-9 range.  However, as the third Pac-12 team, the Bruins couldn’t be in the West (where Arizona is the 2-seed) or the East (where Oregon is the 5-seed).  There are so many Big East (7) and Big 12 (6) teams, and many of them happened to fall in the bottom halves of their respective regions. Therefore, I had to bump Notre Dame and all of the 9-seeds up to the top halves of their regions.  So UCLA is a victim of bad bracketing luck as a result.

  1. The first three teams selected from a conference shall be placed in different regions.
  2. There shall not be more than two teams from a conference in the same region (unless a 9th team is selected from a conference).
  3. Conference teams shall not meet prior to the regional final (unless a 9th team is selected from a conference).
  4. Duke must be given the easiest region despite not being the top overall seed. I’m obviously kidding. Sorry, Duke fans. I had to.

  • On the breakdown, teams in BOLD are projected Conference Champions. These were decided by who currently has the fewest losses in each league, and RPI was used to break any ties. This is obviously the most fluid part of this exercise. In the interest of time (mine, not yours), you won’t see the one-bid leagues updated in every version I do. I’ll scrub through those once a week or so.
  • Teams in italics are included in either the Last Four In, First Four Out, or Next Four Out.
  • There’s also a link to an Excel file below so that you can download it and build your own Bracket.

footballandBRACKET-ology (Excel)

footballandBRACKET-ology (PDF)

fnb S-MW
fnb W-E

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