Super Bowl XLVII Recap: Brothers, Beyonce, and a Blackout

Charcoal grilled wings. Three flavors.

Charcoal grilled wings. Three flavors.

In our society of instant gratification, I realize this Super Bowl preview is quite late.  However, it was a fun night full of ribs, wings, drinks, friends, and incessantly checking my box pools to see if I was anywhere close to winning money (which I never was).  My brother, however, was the recipient of a nice sum as a result of the intentional safety.  I got the grammar, the looks, the height, the I-was-a-mediocre-high-school-athlete-ness, but he got the luck apparently.  Maybe he’ll buy me a cocktail or two this weekend.

I didn’t do a Super Bowl preview, but let the record show that I’m not a fraud because I’m admitting here that I thought San Francisco would win by a touchdown or more.  Instead of looking forward before the game, let’s look back after it by continuing my new “Found on Twitter” theme with some of the best tweets I came across – and some that I wrote myself.

As we know, the Harbaughs were a huge storyline in this game.  Huge storylines often lead to quality jokes.


The game itself was pretty entertaining with the exception of Baltimore pulling away in the second quarter. But the best parts of the game weren’t actually the game. For instance, Beyonce:


Beyonce was the most entertaining thing I saw on TV Sunday night, but the blackout provided for the most entertaining Twitter fodder. There was the obvious, such as:


Then we had the slightly more creative:


Speaking of Alex Smith, how about this observational gem from college basketball’s most famous statistician:


Then we had the Phil Simms category:


Finally, we had my personal favorites – the making-fun-of-prominent-athletes-who-have-gotten-in-trouble-in-the-dark-before:


This was the plate right at kickoff. They went fast.

This was the plate right at kickoff. They went fast.

I hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl. As a Steelers fan, my fate was either: A) watch San Fran tie your franchise for most Super Bowls all time; or B) watch your bitter rival win a Super Bowl and have to hear people talk about how their quarterback is now better than your quarterback.

Therefore, I am glad the blackout happened because it gave me a nice distraction to check twitter, laugh, put the leftover wings away, make another drink, check twitter again, and laugh a few more times.

Be on the lookout for my post-Super Bowl updated 2013 Fantasy Football Rankings, which I should publish within a week or so.

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2 comments on “Super Bowl XLVII Recap: Brothers, Beyonce, and a Blackout
  1. Tim says:

    Hey Jackass. You forgot to mention that I have luck, charm, and most importantly that mom loves me more.

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