Found on Twitter – Hilarious Hoaxing with Manti Te’o

I debuted the “Found on Twitter” series earlier today, but this Manti Te’o story provided so much instant gold that I had to throw together an emergency version.  With the Golden Globes just behind us and the Oscars coming up, let’s sprinkle in an award show theme here and there.

To preview, this is really the essence of this whole post and why Twitter is so great.

The Holy Crap That’s Weird That Te’o Himself Would Tweet That a While Back Award
Let’s start with Manti himself. No way these tweets were about this, right?

And the winner is: the third one – all right on point (except the “real eyes” of course).

The Forced But Still Somewhat Funny Award

And the winner is: @billmooneyhan – it yielded a small chuckle from me.

The I Actually LOL’ed a Little Bit Award

And the winner is: @willbrinson – short, sweet, and really damn funny. Honorable mention to @andybehrens for referencing an internet scam. More on that later.

The Jadeveon Clowney Wins Twitter (again) Award

And the winner is: I purposely crafted this section to get progressively funnier. I’m a visual learner, so the visual comedy of a blank white picture is hilarious to me. Bravo, Jadeveon. If the whole “freak-show athlete, NFL superstar” thing doesn’t work out, you may have a future in comedy.

The “Too Far?” Award

I’m not one to hold back either…

And the winner is: @The_Street_FA – because, let’s be honest, we’ve all thought something similar. This was so funny, I didn’t even have to drop out of this race because I’m the committee.

The Best Use of the Te’o Hoax in a Sports Context Award

And the winner is: @SklarBrothers – accurate, succinct, nice. Plus, Will Brinson already won a category above.

The Best Use of the Old Nigerian Prince Scam as a Punchline Award

And the winner is: @SouhanStrib – because of the casual tone and the lack of temptation to fully mimic the scam itself; it was also the first one I read.

For more funnies, check out this link. Seth Meyers, Dan Wetzel, and Jay Bilas are the funniest in my opinion. Plus, there’s a picture of Brooklyn Decker within!

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