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The Return of the Lucky Seven

You may or may not recall that I was in a College Football “against the spread” contest last year. After being inspired to write the first (and only) live blog this little website has ever had. Since I choked away

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NFL Conference Previews: NFC

Holy crap! We’re less than ONE WEEK away from the beginning of the NFL season. I think it’s about darn time I gave you some completely unsolicited opinions about the league and how I think each team will fare. This

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My Grantland Fantasy Sports Writer Contest Entry

Below is my entry into the contest to become Grantland’s fantasy sports writer. I hope it is funny, I hope it stands out, but most of all, I hope they read it. In case they don’t (or in case it’s

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Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Reachers and Settlers

Robin: “Every good relationship has a reacher and a settler.” Ted: “Exactly, one person reaches for someone out of their league, the other one settles for someone below theirs.” The quote above is from a Season 5 episode of “How

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Random Thoughts – The Olympics, A Dumb Commercial, and Fantasy

Five Colored Rings It seems like the Olympics started a month ago, so allow me to breeze through some early thoughts before getting into the more current ones. The Opening Ceremonies are so overrated. Outside of the British rock music

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