College Hoops Announcer Bracket – The Final Weekend

College Hoops, without a doubt, has the best collection of announcers of any sport.  From play-by-play men to color analysts, there is no shortage of great, observant, articulate, and funny microphone men across multiple networks in college basketball.  But which guys are the BEST?  In order to rank them, why not use the system that college hoops does (that also happens to be in the title of this blog)?  That’s right, welcome to the College Hoops Announcer Bracket.

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The Bracket – as it currently stands – is below.  Click the picture to enlarge.

Because this Tourney has been going on for a while now (and because I’ll have a lot that I want to get to post-Selection Sunday), let’s knock out the Final Four and the Championship Games here.  Without further ado…

Dick Enberg Regional Final
1. Jim Nantz vs 2. Gus Johnson – Nantz’s presence is ever-growing around the hardwood this time of year while Gus – for all he brings to the table – won’t be announcing any games in the tournament because he’s no longer with CBS.  Gus, we realize a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do, but who’s going to bring the excitement to the close games and buzzer-beaters?  Nantz brings a classic style and longevity.  But Gus brings raw emotion and a whole bunch of throat lozenges.  Let’s go to the videotape.

The Best of Gus is two minutes that are so high-energy, I’m actually tired after sitting on my couch and watching it.

“Those brothers aren’t wrong. They’re Wright!”
“They’re in the horse!!”
It’s fantastic that he agreed to this.

Gus gets to the Championship on – what else – a buzzer-beater.

Al Maguire Regional Final

4. Jay Bilas vs 2. Bill Raftery – We’ve seen the best of what “The Trill One” Jay Bilas brings to the table in previous posts.  And his miraculous run to the Final Four could be compared to those of Butler, VCU, and George Mason. But he’s going up against a buzzsaw here in Bill Raftery. Once again, let’s go to the tape.

From “a little early ONIONS” at 0:08 to the barely-audible-because-it’s-so-fast “mantaman” at 0:33 to the classic “Send it in Jerome” at 0:55, Raftery is incredible.

It’s close for a half, but Raftery pulls away and advances to the Championship.

2. Gus Johnson vs 2. Bill Raftery – A true clash of the titans is upon us. If Kentucky and North Carolina face off in this year’s Championship Game, it might get as much hype as this matchup. Let’s sit back and enjoy.

This is mainly a Gus highlight, but in an ironic twist, he’s partnered with none other than Mr. Raftery. Like this clip? Let’s try something similar.

The fact that the timing of this U.S. World Cup goal lines up exactly with Gus and Bill’s call of the Morrison shot above is the kind of thing that makes me believe in a higher power. Note the 0:20 mark for Raftery’s small contribution – but high impact.

I have watched both “Best of” videos multiple times now, and I don’t which guy I like more. Because he’s still with CBS, Raftery gets the nod – a double-OT win over Gus. Bill Raftery cuts down the nets and enjoys a “One Shining Moment” montage.

Bill Raftery is College Basketball’s Best Announcer.  Final Bracket below.

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