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Big Bubble Battles

After watching my Bandwagon Team – Xavier – throw away last night’s 11-point lead in a game that would have all but punched their “Dance Card,” I was inspired to see how the bubble is shaping up.  So I went

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NCAA Tourney Predictions by Conference

I’d love to take the time to do a whole Bracketology, but I’ll leave the bracketing and seeding to the experts – particularly my guy The Bracket Project and his fabulous Bracket Matrix. Instead of doing what they all do

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How About Some Linkage?

This time of year, Bracketologies are being cranked out and changed by the day.  What comes with the speculation are many articles on which teams are great, which are on the bubble, why the RPI stinks, and many other articles

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Fun With Numbers – RPI Favorites vs KenPom Favorites

In order to craft what I did here in my comparison of RPI vs Pomeroy, I made a chart showing every team in the Top 60 either the RPI or KenPom (or both, of course).  Then I subtracted the KenPom rank

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The Curious Case of the New Mexico Lobos

Just by looking at their stats and bios, New Mexico Seniors A.J. Hardeman and Philip McDonald appear to have had pretty nondescript,  routine careers.  After all, Hardeman averaged a career-high 7.6 ppg last senior and McDonald a career-high 10.9.  But if

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Fun With Blind Resumes

I love the “Blind Resume” game. Below are three teams. In my opinion, two are clearly better than one. Yet one is being given at-large consideration while the others could be on the edges of their seats on Selection Sunday

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Interview: The Bracket Project

One of my favorite parts of the NCAA Mens Basketball Championship (side note: it’s not called the “NCAA Tournament” so when referring to it, the word “tournament” should not be capitalized) is actually determining who gets into the tournament.  My

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